Panda Palate is an Android Platformer game that I worked on in a group with 8 others and finished at the end of 2017. This was created entirely in the first and second modules during my Masters degree. All the art above is what I contributed as a concept and UI artist. The artstyle itself was based upon the foundations of Steven Universe.



Steam Captains is a game idea I created for a second year university project, where we needed to create a 10 page game design document. All the images, logos, design, backgrounds and characters were created and drawn by me.


The Directors Cut was a 6 week long collaborative game creation project towards the end of my second year at university, where I was in a group of 5 to create a playable game from scratch. I contributed to some of the concept art, texturing (not the 3D) and UI design. The texturing and concept art in the gallery were made by me, however the final screenshots contain work from all the group members.

All artwork created by Charlotte Lawrence